Hafeez Shaikh, originally from Pakistan, is an experienced graphic designer with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Bachelor in Graphic Arts from Academy of Art San Francisco. He has worked in the graphic design industry for more than 20 years. He works in New York City and lives in New Jersey.
It is his wish to serve Allah by using his talents to develop the use of Islamic Art in various facets of life, for example, architectural design, print media, online, and in the home. It is through this medium that he hopes to encourage a broader understanding of the beauty of Islam among non-Muslims and encourage creativity; within the bounds of what is right, in the Islamic world, insha-Allah.
The proceeds from his work go to benefit children/orphan charities around the world. It is his hope that through the growth of his projects, the children of the world will benefit as well, and Allah knows best.
“…They ask thee concerning orphans. Say: "The best thing to do is what is for their good…” (Qur’an 2:220)
Body of Work
Hafeez has been involved in a myriad of projects across the spectrum of graphic design and fine art including
  • Book illustrations for Ad Duha Institute, USA
  • Architectural accents For Islamic Society of Baltimore
  • Calendar designs including MB Petroluem Oman.
Samples of his work and the projects he has participated in can be viewed throughout the pages of this website.
The Future
Hafeez sincerely hopes to continue to develop and grow as an artist through new projects that will challenge his abilities and allow him to explore his creativity. He is primarily interested in architectural applications of his art (i.e. in Masaajid, schools, Muslim businesses, embassies, etc.). However, he is open to working with all groups interested in his art on any type of project that they think his art would add beauty to.
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 It is narrated that the messenger of Allah said...
"Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty." (Sahih Muslim)
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